Monday, 2 January 2012

War Horse - A Story You Will Never Forget

War Horse *****

War Horse has been on  my to-read for a long time as I have been wanting to see the stage play for a while now. With the film coming out in the new year, I received this book for Christmas and built up the courage to read it. As an animal lover I knew I would find it very upsetting.

Told from the viewpoint of a horse called Joey, it begins with him as a six month old foal at a horse fair being seperated from his mother. What follows is a series of distressing incidents throughout his life, but his friendships with other horses and humans, make them all easier for him to deal with. Full of lots of sad moments and some horrific scenes which are made worse as you know that they really did happen throughout the war, this is a hard book to read at times. But I think it is a book that everyone should read to appreciate all of the human and animal lives lost throughout the conflict.

I think that Michael Morpurgo's books are very important as he tells stories of love, friendship, bravery and loss. I saw a play of one of his other wartime books Private Peaceful last year, which was so powerful. I would really recommend his books whatever age you are, as they really will teach you something.

I'm still deciding whether I will be brave enough to see the film, as just the trailer makes me cry,
but this story of Joey will stay with me for a long time.

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