Saturday, 12 October 2013

The World According To Bob

This is the follow-up story to last year's huge success A Street Cat Named Bob. The first book was one of my favourite books of the year as it features a cheeky ginger cat and a truly heart-warming story set on the mean streets of London.

In this update, James takes centre-stage rather than Bob as he describes how important his feline friend is throughout his daily life - from suffering from illness to stressful situations on the street. This is surely one clever cat as we read stories of him attacking a potential mugger and giving James time to recover from a spell in hospital.

Fans of the original book will enjoy this second visit to Bob's world just as much as the first as it is full of humour and warmth. There are also some shocking and poignant moments such as James finding a man overdosing on drugs in his flat stairwell and the behaviour he experiences from members of the public. The chapter describing the duo's first book signing is a lovely moment and the final chapter will bring tears to any pet owner's eyes.

I love reading about James and Bob's adventures and the money that they have raised for animal charities is phenomenal. Theirs is a story that has captured hearts all around the world and it is one which reminds you about the important things in life.

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