Monday, 2 July 2012

The Beach Cafe

Yes, this is one of those books, that you know exactly what is going to happen after the first few pages, but sometimes this is just the type of book you need to read, especially while relaxing holiday. I read this while sitting by the sea in Devon (sometimes on the patio of a real beach cafe!) although I think it would have made me feel 'holiday-ish' even if I didn't have the sound of the waves and seagulls. 

Evie is the odd one out in her family and has never made a big success of her life. She inherits a cafe in Cornwall after her beloved Aunt dies and takes the big decision to leave her boring life in Oxford and manage the cafe. Of course, there are a few disasters along the way, plus unwelcoming locals and a romance along the way, but by the end I guarantee that you will be wanting Evie's new life too!

Yes its predictable, some of the descriptions and dialogue are a little cringey, but the help that Evie receives to make her dreams come true can't help but make you smile! 

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