Monday, 2 July 2012

Darcy and Fitzwilliam

As you may know from previous posts, my favourite book is Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.I have read many adaptations and 'sequel's and this is the first one to focus on the close relationship between cousins Fitzwilliam Darcy and Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam (yes the names do get confusing at times!)

The book is split into two parts, the first concentrating on the married life of Darcy and Elizabeth. They still tease each other, with the author keeping up the couple's playful and cheeky dialogue, and Darcy can still be as grumpy and aloof as ever. Elizabeth sighs that she thought he had moved past this after banter between the two cousins turns more serious. As Elizabeth learns that she expecting her first child, there is the bombshell that Darcy once had a brief relationship with the sly Caroline Bingley and she is up to her tricks once more as she lures him to her brother's house to seduce him once more...

The second part is set in London, with Fitzwilliam falling in love with an American widow called Amanda. There is a problem though, Amanda has a son, and they are both under the control of her fierce mother-in-law. Fitzwilliam is undeterred and follows her around the city convincing her of his love. 

This is one of the best Pride and Prejudice follow-ons I have read, as it keeps the tone of Austen's wit, is cheeky and funny and stays true to most of the characters. It was interesting to see Lady Catherine de Burgh's personality expanded and becoming an ally to Elizabeth!

I would recommend this to all fans of Darcy and regency romance!  


  1. im on the hunt for this book, thought i let you know! Your review for this book had me all aflutter!
    <3 mr darcy!

  2. My cousin got it for me, not sure where from. But the Jane Austen Centre Shop in Bath is my favourite place for Austen spin-offs (and pretty things!)