Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Greatcoat

In the early 1950s, young Isabel moves to a small town in Yorkshire with her husband Philip, who is a doctor. As he spends most of time out on call, she has to learn how to run a house and make the most of the rationed food and is engaged in a private battle with their landlady who lives above them. As she becomes more isolated, she finds an old greatcoat at the back of a cupboard in their flat and sleeps with it over her to keep her warm. From then on she is visited by a young RAF pilot called Alec, who looks familiar, but is it her own memory that makes her think this?

The Greatcoat is quite a sinister tale and fans of World War II fiction will find it very interesting. It is a short book at less than 200 pages, but packs a lot in. I won't give too much away, but you will be willing for Isabel to destroy the coat! A creepy, atmospheric and poignant tale, although I wouldn't describe is as scary!

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