Saturday, 27 April 2013

Iron Man 3

So Tony Stark has returned, but he is not the Stark we all know. Since his time spent with the Avengers in New York, he can't sleep and is suffering from anxiety attacks. With two feuding demi-God brothers from another planet, a big green angry thing smashing things up and hordes of aliens emerging from the sky, who can blame him? Although experimenting with new suits while being awake for over 72 hours, is probably not his best idea...

Iron Man 3 opens with Tony re-living New Year's Eve 1999 in Switzerland, a time when he unknowingly makes a deadly enemy with a light-hearted snub. Fast-forward 13 years later and the Mandarin is causing terror across America with a series of explosions, but no evidence of any bombs being left on the scene. When Tony's trusted chauffeur  Happy (now head of security at Stark Enterprises) is left in a coma as a result of an attack, he stupidly gives the Mandarin his home address in front of the world's press. Again not a good idea.

Not surprisingly, Stark's Malibu home is soon under attack and Iron Man is last seen falling into the ocean. His trusted computer system Jarvis has other ideas and has drafted a flight plan to Tennessee, a scene of one of the Mandarin's attacks. There he works off radar with the help of a plucky young boy called Harley, fixing his suit and working out his plan of attack on the Mandarin. First he needs to find out where to find him...

Iron Man 3 is completely different from the first two films and is genuinely full of surprises. This is not a straight forward superhero film of hero against villain. This is more of a film about Tony Stark than Iron Man. Here, we see him in combat without the armour of his suits and Robert Downey Jnr is at his best, full of wisecracks and one-liners, but also showing the vulnerability of the character, trying to work out who he is without the guise of Iron Man.

The technology has ramped up a few gears, with Stark's love / hate relationship with his MK 42 suit, which can be controlled remotely, taking centre stage. Jarvis, has also taken on a role of his own and has to be the most sarcastic computer ever seen on screen! I also enjoyed Marvel's on going love affair with British culture, with references to Downton Abbey, Croydon and Premier League football (I can't wait to see Thor running around London in The Dark World too!)

There is a great supporting cast (although I still can't take to Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts) with Guy Pearce and Rebecca Hall putting in great performances and Don Cheadle getting his own plot line with 'Iron Patriot'. But a special mention must go to Ben Kingsley who is brilliant as the Mandarin. I have a feeling he is going to be a controversial character for Marvel fans, but I really enjoyed his performance.

There are some plot holes and a couple of moments I would have rather seen go in a different direction, but overall Iron Man 3 is full of laugh out loud moments, some tense scenes and brilliant action-packed set-pieces. Be prepared to go on a gritty, dark, unpredictable rollercoaster ride. I just hope we get to see Iron Man on the big screen again.

Watch the trailer for Iron Man 3 here:

As it is this film's opening weekend, I have tried to review this as best I can without any spoilers! I may add some more thoughts here in a couple of weeks time as anyone who has seen the film will know that there is plenty to talk about! I would love to know what everyone thinks so post away below (I can't guarantee the comments will not include spoilers!)

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  1. ooooh i'm seeing this tomorrow with sutitles thankfully so i will know what actually going on!
    I cant get use to gywneth paltrow either as pepper potts...she doesnt have enough sass i think someone in her position needs...oh well!