Sunday, 26 January 2014

Bridget Jones Mad About The Boy

Bridget Jones is back! But this time she is a 51 year old single mother, still as man mad as ever! Once you are over the shock of Mark Darcy's death, this is a madcap adventure of Bridget getting back on the dating scene and of course making a fool of herself in several embarrassing situations. I'm glad that Helen Fielding revealed Mark's death before publication, and although I was annoyed at first, a third Bridget Jones book would not have worked if she was in a stable relationship and a break-up or divorce would have ruined the ends of the first two books.

Bridget is at her infuriating best as she focuses on finding a boyfriend, rather than looking after two children, as she relies heavily on her nanny and focuses on writing her Hedda Gabler film script (she ends up getting the spelling of the title wrong, as well as the writer in true Bridget style!) Amusingly, she reminded me very much of a couple of ladies that I have known over the years, so these kind of characters do actually exist! Bridget's struggles with social media and child-rearing did make me laugh and there were also a couple of moving parts as she comes to terms with her new life. I am looking forward to the film and hope its better than the second one!

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