Sunday, 26 January 2014

Mr Darcy Came To Dinner

Mr Darcy Came To Dinner is a very amusing re-imagining of Pride and Prejudice, which ponders on what would have happened if a small occurrence had happened near the start of the story. Poor Mr Darcy is thrown off his horse in an accident involving Elizabeth Bennet's cat and is forced to spend four weeks recuperating in the Bennet's parlour. As you can imagine, this soon becomes a nightmare with Lydia's tantrums, Mrs Bennet's nerves, Mr Bennet's social awareness and Mr Collins' points of view becoming all too much. In true farce style, all the characters we know and love from the story end up at Longbourn with hilarious consequences.

There are some lovely moments in this book as the Bennet family become more acquainted with their unexpected guest and Georgiana helps the Bennet sisters to become more refined young ladies. I really enjoyed this book and it's one of the best Pride and Prejudice fan fictions I have read with the characterisation and dialogue spot on. I was surprised to find that this was written by an American gentleman, an unlikely Janeite. Highly recommended for a light-hearted and very funny read.

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